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A great tale about tough times on the gritty Frisco waterfront. Daniel Bacon has peppered his story with real characters—from Harry Bridges to Sunny Jim Rolph—and expertly mixes them into a story of love, loyalty, and betrayal.

Carl Nolte, columnist San Francisco Chronicle


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Quicksilver Press

ISBN #9780964680449


In the summer of 1934, a strange silence descended on San Francisco. Streetcars disappeared. Gas stations closed. Theater marquees turned off. Stores and restaurants locked their doors. Butcher shops ran out of meat. The wealthy fled to their country estates.

It was as if the city had died.

In his debut novel Frisco, Daniel Bacon describes the forces that led to this extraordinary state of affairs. We see it through the eyes Nick Benson and Clarisa McMahon, a young couple whose relationship is torn apart when financial hardship forces them to take separate paths. The former lovers must then learn to survive in a city that is struggling with a broken economy and a widening gap between rich and poor.

Based on historic events, Frisco introduces us to Harry Bridges, a charismatic union organizer who leads longshoremen into a strike that spreads to the entire West Coast. On opposites sides of this bloody conflict between capital and labor, Nick and Clarisa find their loyalties wavering, their relationship uncertain.

In telling this tale, Bacon delivers a passionate story of betrayal and redemption, amid a tumultuous period when the City by the Bay was affectionately known as Frisco.